Let's be honest here

Okay, so remember when I said I had cool things under way? Yeah, that was a whole bunch of baloney. I initially envisioned that I’d kick things off with a blog post that wasn’t a placeholder, but all of the ideas that I’ve had so far didn’t fly for a number of reasons. One of them was a look into why I preferred the slower, more relaxed nature of forums and message boards over modern forms of social media, however a colleague of a colleague wrote a much better write-up on practically the same topic that practically covered ideas that were very similar to mine. My next idea was to write about the games that were featured at SAGE, a yearly exposition dedicated to Sonic the Hedgehog fan games (but has recently accepted independent titles of all sorts), however I had burnt myself out part of the way in.

So that’s the blog out of the way; however the rest of the site isn’t looking the way I wanted it to. I was initially hung up on making the homepage look good no matter what device you viewed it on—turns out flexboxes don’t support gaps (yet), so I ended up trying to convert it into a CSS grid and failing, ultimately discouraging me from working on the rest of the site. I still do have plans for prettying things up like making these blog posts less bare and adding descriptions to images in the gallery, but I haven’t really been motivated to lately.

So what now? I can’t just say “hey, here’s what I have planned” and then not do it. For now, don’t expect much. If I find the motivation to, I will definitely try and make this site look miles better than it does right now. No word on adding to the blog right now, but I might follow through with the first idea since it doesn’t quite overlap with whatever else I saw on the Internet. If something else strikes me, I’ll be sure to jot it down.

I might not have said this at first, but this webpage is more like a journey to me. And like all journeys, they have to start somewhere. It just might take a while for me to make the next step—but I’ll get there someday and it’ll all be worth it in the end.

Stay tuned.