Hello World

Hi, guys!

Okay, so that’s not exactly the best way to welcome you to this website, but hey! Glad you’re here. After working on this thing for like a couple of weeks, I’m excited to finally get this thing out there. (hopefully it will have been worth the wait. Thanks, and have fun.) Right now this site is a little empty, but I’m hoping to pretty things up as time goes on. Either way, I might as well give you a run-through of what I have to offer currently.

The About and Links sections are pretty self-explanatory; you’ll find (rather sparse) info about myself in the former and links to other sites in the latter. At the time of writing, there’s literally nothing in the Links section. I hope to change it soon.

The Gallery section is where I’ll store all of my multimedia exploits, in case you’re not sure what the blurb on that page means. Right now I’ve only set it up to display images, but sometime in the future I plan on hosting video and audio files there. As of the time of writing, I’ve uploaded a few miscellaneous graphic design works of mine (and one doodle just for the heck of it) so at least I have something to show for it.

You’re looking at the Blog section right now. It’s also really bare at the moment but I plan on dumping whatever comes to mind that can’t fit in 280 characters or less here. In the future I hope to flesh it out with archive navigation and dates, but for now I feel like the blog’s pretty futureproof as is.

Last but not least is the Pulse section. It isn’t exactly that much of a content provider to warrant its own page, but you can find it on the homepage (just click that blue “e” in the top left to get back there). I’ll usually dump any updates relating to me or the site there, as well as on Twitter or Mastodon if you want to follow me there (links are in the About page!).

As for the backend of my humble little spot on the Internet, please don’t expect much. all of this is held together by duct tape, spaghetti, and feeble attempts to apply my general programming knowledge to JavaScript (AJAX is a hell of a drug). Don’t expect this website to work properly on older web browsers—I’m just targeting what’s on the market right now. You should be able to browse on mobile but there might be a few things (like the header navigation) that haven’t been completely optimized yet.

With that out of the way, I hope you enjoy this site! This is my biggest project yet and I can’t wait to see how it grows from here.