Changelog v1.1

Huh, guess I was wrong about me not updating the site anytime soon. I’ve rewired a bunch of things behind the scenes which should hopefully make the site easier to work with in the future. Here’s what’s new in this update:


  • Rebased using Jekyll.
    • All pages (aside from blog posts) are generated using a common template.
    • Most dynamically loaded assets are now handled by Jekyll’s generator instead of AJAX requests.
  • Added a custom 404 page.
  • Fixed animations playing on load on pages that hadn’t been cached yet.
  • The site version is now included in the footer. Clicking on it will take you to the most recent changelog.


  • Main section rewritten in Markdown.
  • Slight changes made to the “about me” section.
  • Media database now uses YAML instead of a text file.
    • Fields added for various attributes like descriptions. As of now, these are unused.
  • JavaScript for loading media removed. The thumbnails on the page are generated using Jekyll instead.
  • All items in the gallery now have titles.


  • JavaScript for displaying/loading blog posts removed. This is also handled by Jekyll now.
  • Category and date info added, however they remain unused as of right now.
  • Added a title to the box containing my button to help it stand out more.
  • Added a link to PajamaFrix’s website through my Mutualink initiative (which you should check out, by the way–it’s basically free advertising).


  • The Pulse entry database was also changed to YAML.
  • All content is now loaded through Jekyll’s generator.