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about me

Hi! I’m eblu. You might know me for:

  • being that one funnyman on Twitter
  • being that one guy that you always see in YouTube comments
  • seeking attention every 5 seconds

Anyway, I’m here and ready to be a total NERD.

I’m 19 (my birthday is on May 17th).

I also have Asperger’s and OCD if you care about that.

If you want to talk, you can reach me at the links on the right. No emails yet, unfortunately—years of unending spam and promotions have discouraged me from keeping tabs on it as of right now.

about this site

I created this website as a way to personally challenge my design and programming skills, and I plan to mainly use it as a sort of dumping ground for everything that comes out of that weird head of mine.

I plan to add to this site every now and then as I feel the desire to.